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Jaclyn Taylor

Your Advocate

By listening to my clients with intent I develop a foundation for us as collaborators to create impactful value, change, and augment the opportunity for greater and sustainable success.

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Project Development


Experience You Can Trust

Project Development

Services and strategies that will develop a real estate solution that is intentional for your business' future.

Owner's Representative

Taylor REP offers you transparency to project activity, market knowledge, clarity to why project processes are in place, and real-time oversight to minimize risks.

Change Management

We focus on communication as a critical component to the success of your relocation. Your people and customers will have clarity of expectations and project impacts.


Tim Annett, CEO, WorldWide Logistics

“From my point of view, all of us will truly be indebted to you for everything you have done. Bottom line is simple: We could not have done this without you. That I am 100% certain of. The attention to detail, ability to get things done, while at the same time respecting the team and keeping us focused is unparalleled.” 


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