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Intention Creates Impact!

I have found over the years of servicing clients that sometimes-overlooked elements of an interiors project are elements of a space that have the potential to have the greatest impact. A recent example of this is developing an intentional design for the required and environmental signage. When I began my work with Kreg Tool we developed their path to complete the FF&E. When going through this initial step it was clear that signage, brand, and environmental art had not been addressed or considered as an impact opportunity for the new facility. This is an element that is not just about providing direction but will also represent your brand and can have an impact on how people feel or perceive a space. Why not be intentional by integrating signage with architectural design elements of the space and realize how it impacts the space and the people using the space? If you are required to invest in something, let's do it right!

Taylor REP brought ASI in to not only address the signage requirements of the project but to provide a high level of design when it came to signage, brand, and environment. ASI was encouraged to find ways to align with the growth mindset of Kreg Tool through the design and creation of meaningful brand and environmental signage. Taylor REP supported Kreg Tool through the process and provided ASI with valuable information specific to Kreg Tool company culture and work environment goals. ASI then took a deep dive into the intent of the new building's design, the future of the business, the work types of the Kreg Tool workforce, and understand how leadership wanted their team to feel while working in the new space.

Check out ASI's case study here

Today Kreg Tool employees and guests experience a space with direction, culture messaging, consistent brand, and global inspiration.

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