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Project Development 

By evaluating the business goals, and people goals of the business and aligning them with real estate needs and opportunities we take the time to develop a strategic and intentional real estate project plan. Cultivating a solution for your existing space, relocating to an existing space, building new or otherwise can be overwhelming. Taylor REP provides services providing you with multiple scenarios to support your decision making and feel confident in the fact you are selecting the best solution for your business and people. The scenario development includes: location opportunities, identifying partner resources, project cost exercises, identifying risks and opportunities, pro-forma creation, city and county incentives, and connecting the Owners with valuable resources to be successful through the process. 


Taylor REP listens to evaluate desired outcomes for the project with the stakeholders: new, existing, lease/own. Is it a new headquarters? Or a secondary office? What are your business goals and risks?

The people are your most valuable and expensive asset. Real estate is often the number two asset. These two go hand in hand when making a decision to renovate, develop, or relocate. We want to evaluating location options, type and size of space, required elements, production needs, people's expectations, traffic, ease of access, and the list goes on.

Taylor REP partners with your real estate and design professionals to develop a targeted pool of options around the factors and goals for your real estate. These resources provide engineering and land development services to better understand the viability of developing or renovating a building and the more or less costs it will take to achieve the project.

By working closely with the cities your business may stay or move to, we strengthen effective and efficient city engagement and processes. We identify incentives and other opportunities with each community benefiting both parties. Taylor REP represents you and guides you through the conversations, and provides evaluations supporting your decision making. 

The details are important every step of the way. Understanding your site options or facility options, evaluating the surrounding areas, adjacent businesses or future development, roof tops, traffic, cost of land, local zoning or other requirements, and demographics are compared to see where and why a site is an optimal option. 






Owner's Representative










Taylor REP is your advocate and assists you in defining your guiding principles, project needs, and desired outcomes.  You are able to focus on your own tasks and internal team day-to-day with a trusted advocate and guide. You have a partner to facilitate the project planning with tactical communication, coordination, and project translation to minimize disruption, cost, and time risks.  Taylor REP strategically supports the necessary focus on the quantitative and qualitative goals of the project to foster success for your business moving into the future. Taylor REP offers you transparency to project activity, market knowledge, clarity to why project processes are in place, and real-time oversight to minimize risks. We offer deeper evaluation for effective recommendations providing you with the confidence in your decision making of time sensitive project issues.




You have a partner from start to finish, advocating for you with intention. 


We focus on quality of delivery and experience. A valuable experience offers greater confidence in the project's success. Quality of service for you is our top priority.


We facilitate communication in a timely fashion with precision and accuracy. 

We provide clarity to project delivery options, team building, risk assessments, and more. Supporting you with the knowledge and resources best suited for your project. 


The efforts put forth by Taylor REP promote responsiveness, value management, schedule accountability, and project efficiencies to support time and cost savings. 

Our role does not replace the owner but offers you a partner you can be confident to oversee your project effectively, allowing you to focus on your business, clients, and employees. 

We are your guide through the design process and construction execution translating industry jargon throughout for simplicity and effective decision making. 

Clarity, trust, and transparency throughout for you, and the project team will foster a positive experience. 










Change Management

The experience your employees have during a transition can make or break a project's success. We focus on communication as a critical component to the success of your relocation. Your people will identify with the new environment through the opportunities to understand and engage. Customers will understand impacts to them and how to plan for any possible disruption.  Having a partner through this process allows you to focus on your business, production, and clients.  Taylor REP provides consultation and resources for your project schedule, coordination, and communication. In collaboration, the plan is intended to adequately prepare your people and production for minimal disruption, and ease of the process.  




You have a partner from start to finish with the intent to minimize disruption and optimize your employee experience.

We create a communication strategy and facilitate implementation to arm your workforce with information that will offer clarity and support.

In collaboration, we establish an internal project team to be transitional resources and advocates for your project phases and/or relocation. We deploy a plan that guides internal resources and leadership on how to take action. 


Your schedule is a priority, we work with vendors and internal teams to coordinate and communicate your expectations while tracking and reporting progress

In collaboration with you, we establish a plan to coordinate vendors, employees, and client needs with a schedule that is driven by your business and production, minimizing down time, and providing the necessary time to prepare.

As your workforce is relocating, we offer and create tools, strategies, and resources that support their immediate needs, promoting a positive experience. Your employee experience is top of mind.

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