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... And Why


"You don't get results by focusing on results. You get results by focusing on the actions that produce results."

~ Mike Hawkins

Jaclyn Taylor,
Owner's Rep | Strategic Growth Partner


My name is Jaclyn Taylor, Owner of Taylor REP LLC, mother to my son, driven professional, volunteer and civic contributor, fundraiser, and proud member of our community. Like you, my life has taken me on quite a journey and I have had the fortune to learn from the experiences and the people throughout, to get me to where I am each new day. I believe, for myself, gratitude, positive mindset, and perseverance drive my focus, delivering what is needed to help others move towards their success. 


Taylor REP LLC was created because I see the need for Owner’s Representative Services for businesses seeking an advocate and guide for their organization as they plan, address, and move through change. Taylor REP offers organizations a strategic set of services that helps businesses realize their vision. I am intentional in developing a plan that centers around your existing assets such as your people, leadership, real-estate, and clients, with a mindset of evolutionary growth to realize a greater opportunity. My passion is to deliver a project that provides a valued experience for people and place that crosses over lifestyle, work, economy, and family.


I believe quality partnerships are key to successful outcomes. As part of my brand, R.E.P. Require Excellence in Partnership, I will deliver on that promise with accountability, advocacy, experience, and resources.

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