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Game Changer - Employees' Connection

Businesses have witnessed great successes and epic failures centered around the design of new space or building and the experience their workforce has during the transition period. Great successes are realized because the leadership understands the influence they have and how to use it; they communicate what to expect and why; or they have a team to address the concerns of individuals, establish expectations, and have resources in place for ongoing support. Epic failures can occur when leadership does not invest time in how they can best lead their workforce through change; they may not communicate the reason for change; or the organization has put the responsibility of the transition and coordination on one or two internal people that unfortunately do not have the time or expertise to be successful.

While working with Neumann Monson and Pigott, Taylor REP dove into the design elements of the space; materials used, technology, process changes, culture drivers, culture challenges, production and client requirements, and the list goes on. In doing so, we structured a team and a plan with the goal to meet the needs to maintain operations and meet the emotional needs of the employees by connecting every employee at Kreg Tool with the space long before they moved in.

It is important for your workforce to understand why a space was designed; whether for the benefit of their productivity, the businesses future, or the culture and work lifestyle; communicating why and how that's communicated is key. By developing a

robust communication strategy for your workforce, the workforce is provided the opportunity to understand, ask questions, and build excitement and momentum long before moving in. These practices allow the employees to become familiar with the new space before their first day of work, minimizing disruptions and confusion. This supports their productivity by providing trainings on new processes or technology, building confidence and knowhow. It offers guidance as they discover a new community, something as simple as where to get lunch, buy gas, or nearby childcare options, will provide comfort and efficiency. Ultimately you have created an army of advocates to tell the story and share their connection with the new environment as we work to successfully transition together.

The article included in this blog post, written and published by Neumann Monson Architects, you will learn more about the importance of having a change management resource to communicate how and why, ease stress, and minimize risk and disruption. By having a resource to lead a collaborative planning and coordination program among the design team, the constructor, and internal leadership, your organization minimizes that disruption and optimizes the employee and client experience, the risks of attrition in the first year are reduced or nominal.

Check out this quick read by Neumann Monson!

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